Thursday, October 2, 2008

Video Games. I play them.

I remember it like it was yesterday, February 1987. I was staring at the clock, waiting moment after agonizing moment for the sound of the garage door opening. Finally, I heard the muffled rumble through the walls and in walked my parents who quickly handed me the item that would become the instrument of my demise, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Twenty one years and about fifteen consoles later, here I am.

To say that video games are a hobby of mine is like saying Pavarotti likes to sing. I game. It is what I do.

In this blog I hope to discuss all of the many facets that make up this ever-burgeoning industry; everything from the developers who make the games, to the games themselves. I plan on putting in my two cents, as well as maybe dropping in a theory or idea of my own.

As anyone who is really into the culture of gaming can tell you, there is never a lack of news, drama, or hype to talk about. I hope to just make the conversation a little more interesting.

If you are new to gaming, here are a few great sites to check out:
Joystiq - A hilarious news mashup-very funny, very informative
GoNintendo - As the name implies, a site devoted to all things Nintendo
Kotaku - The self proclaimed "gamer's guide"
ign - Easily the largest site. Very corporate, very sleek, but still very good.


Kyra Angeli said...

I'm interested in seeing what all you have to say about these sorts of things. I just wonder what exactly it is you'll be following. Right now I spend most of my time playing Japanese Roleplaying Games, but I know many people prefer other genres. For that matter, I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on some games. Whether or not you planned on doing so, I would love to hear someone offer an actual, informed opinion.

Grayday said...

Your 1987 recollection takes me back to my first gaming console, the beloved NES: Christmas '85 and I am spending hours playing "Mario 1," repeatedly falling down the first hole as a result of not knowing the function of the A button. Fast forward to 1995, and I spent 14 hours straight playing FF3 for the SNES. Pixels, paralax, sprites, and bits, I can't wait to hear more. Cartridge based VS. CD-Based? Hey, check out the "Angry Nintendo Nerd" on Youtube.